Airport Status Information

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FAA Update Time:Mon Aug 8 03:17:17 2022 GMT
Delay types=4
--Ground Delay Programs
--Airspace Flow Programs
--General Arrival/Departure Delay Info
--Airport Closures

Ground Delay Programs

Avg Delay:13 minutes

General Arrival/Departure Delay Info

Reason:TM Initiatives:SWAP:WX
Min Delay:15 minutes
Max Delay:29 minutes

Reason:TM Initiatives:SWAP:WX
Min Delay:45 minutes
Max Delay:59 minutes

Unknown Delay Type:Airport Closures

The Airport Status Display is sourced directly from the FAA and features frequent updating of any delay situations as conditions change at US airports.

The Airport Status Display automatically refreshes every 10 minutes with the latest updates from the FAA.

Ground Delay Programs (GDP) are implemented to control air traffic volume to airports where the projected traffic demand is expected to exceed the airport's acceptance rate for a lengthy period of time. Lengthy periods of demand exceeding acceptance rate are normally a result of the airport's acceptance rate being reduced for some reason. The most common reason for a reduction in acceptance rate is adverse weather such as low ceilings and visibility.

Ground Stops are implemented for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are: